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Libya-Since November 2011 Susan has researched and investigated a collection of 'found' historical photographs of Libya collated by Peter Bouckaert, Emergencies director for HRW and his team during the Libyan 2011 Revolution. The goal is to attach basic information to the photographs through research in university and government archives in tandem with interviews with Libyans and other eyewitness's  who assist in verification with cross-verification incorporated into the process. A timeline has been created from the Kingdom of Libya period through to the end of the Gaddafi regime. In 2013 a Fritt-Ord grant was awarded to fund this research.


La Retirada-A commissioned investigation into the movements of a specific refugee who arrived in France in February 1939 during La Retirada. Research was conducted in the departmental  archives of the Pyrenees-Orientals in France and other local organizations to discover which internment camp the refugee was placed. Links were forged with local historians and museums to facilitate the clients project development.


'Munitionette' at HMS Factory-Research into the history and movements of a specfic 'Munitionette' who worked with nitro-glycerine, cordite and acetone to produce shells at HMS Factory between 1916-1918. 60% of the workers at the worlds largest munitions factory at Gretna were girls between the ages of 16-18.


Women Aviators of the 20th Century- 100 interviews were conducted with women who were involved in aviation at all levels: aristocratic debutantes who flew bi-planes before World War Two, ferry pilots of war planes during World War Two, balloon operators and aircarft construction workers, aircraft mechanics and world speed breakers, helicopter pilots and  air traffic controllers. 25 portraits were made which appeared in Le Photo Magazine.


Commissions are undertaken upon request.


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