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"Independent on Sunday Review" commisioned or produced covers

Credit: Tom Stoddart

Cover story on the aftermath of the Srebrenica Massacre.

Cover credit: Paul Lowe

Cover story on the investigative work of the "Commission of Missing Persons' in Bosnia on Srebrenica.

Cover credit:Izmai Luta

Cover story on an Albanian studio photographer who gave Kosovan refugees back their identity by photographing them for their identity cards for free.

Cover credit: James Nachtwey

Cover story profile on James Nachtwey

Credit: Tazio Secchiaroli

Portrait of Sophia Loren by Tazio Secchiaroli Fellini's on-set photographer credited with being the first paparazzi.

Cover credit:George Holtz

Cover portrait of Dennis Hopper to accompany an interview by Suzi Feay and Susan Glen

Cover credit: Bob Edelman/Magnum

Cover story on the photographic history of the fight for civic rights by African-Americans in the USA.

Cover credit: Gerard Uferas

Cover story on a portfolio of fashion images.

Cover credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith

Cover story on British youth and their opinions.

Cover credit: Giogia Fiorio

Cover story the life and work of American firemen.

Cover credit: Tom Craig

Cover story on the work of American film director Sofia Coppola.

Cover credit: Jeremy Nicholl

Cover story on the revival of communism in Russia.

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